Thoughts on the 45th

Editorial note: I posted this here on my much neglected blog just in case someone wanted to share this on down the line.

It’s 9:11. It’s the current time, but it’s also an emergency. The collective “we” are now officially at the start of a four year journey, destination unknown. The driver is childish, misogynistic, homophobic, classless and tactless, non-disclosing, disconnected, lying heap of a man in a badly tailored suit.

Do I have strong opinions about this? You bet I do. Am I going to shut up? You bet I’m not.

Since Trump won, I’ve heard so many things from his advocates and defenders. Things like, “you lost, suck it up” and “you can’t just act out because your side lost”. I won’t even give screen time to the hatred laced comments referring to what the “other side” feels they had to deal with for the last eight years and anything heaped onto the “losing side” is justified. I do mean anything. Personally and reported in various media outlets I’ve seen attitudes change. I’ve seen people shifting to feeling like it’s okay now to be rude, hateful, and mean because their guy is in charge so their view is justified. It’s not. It’s not okay. None of this is okay.

Over the last few months I’ve been taking a stance that’s easily recognizable as thinly veiled avoidance, but I just can’t keep going on this way. This month I shifted my public persona into an almost unrecognizable one. It’s one of ultra kindness.

Please and thank you.
Excuse me.
How can I help you?
Let me get that for you.
What can I do to make your day better?


Because I can post (and will continue to post) information, but most Trumpets will not read the missives. They will not educate themselves. They will not approach these views from any side other than the one they’re current standing on. If they do, it’s either deemed media propaganda (no matter if it’s multiple sources of varying sways) or quickly refuted by half truths and half baked facts. But, if in person, I’m as sweet as honey, especially to those various hued, low to middle income, non-traditional sexually oriented groups about to get punched in their respective tits and beanbags, then great. Someone has showed them kindness and their spark of hope remains afire. And, if the person happens to be from the other side, well I’ll just be the “sweetest misguided socialist-minded liberal” they ever did meet.

Bless my heart.

But, seriously people. Stop being assholes to each other. Care about your fellow humans. We’re all in this together.

While you’re at it educate yourselves. Don’t pick one topic upon which to hinge your entire stance while ignoring or discounting the rest.

Educate yourself about how the government works. 
About the policies. 
About gerrymandering. 
About the REDMAP project. 
Get informed and then make decisions. 

It’s an ongoing process, so never stop learning.

The day you do, you’re a puppet.

Henry Rollins

Mr. Rollins,

Credit: Timothy Norris

Credit: Timothy Norris, taken from

In my more rebellious youth I graffitied my brown paper bag book covers with the iconic, bold black bars of the Black Flag logo. I listened to the Rollins Band at volumes loud enough to cause both temporary hearing and memory loss. The music, driving and primal, spoke to young me on a level older me has trouble reconciling with now. I remember those days with the fondness of misunderstood youth and the rage to escape the gilded cage and set loose upon the world. Continue reading

Driving Home

Mile 10:

There’s a hot girl on a motorcycle. She throws a wave to every biker she passes. Few, if any, toss it back. She’s hunched low, stretched out over the tank, her shirt blowing up revealing a pale pink bra when she accelerates. I’m envious instantly.

Mile 12:

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