Dramatic Need

Amazing video my sister Yaboiksar found of a wonderful organization I had no idea existed.

Dramatic Need presents The Children’s Monologues directed by Danny Boyle

More about

Dramatic Need is a creative arts charity helping vulnerable children in Africa to build hope and self-belief in the face of conflict, trauma and hardship.

We work in rural areas of Rwanda and South Africa to provide creative-arts education, resources, support and inspiration for children and youth.

We promote creative expression as a tool for conflict resolution, social development, gender-empowerment and for the communication of positive health messages.

We work in two ways. The first is through our children’s programming; community out-reach initiatives and teacher-training programmes based at our community arts centre in rural Free State, South Africa.

The Second is through our Volunteer Program which sends local and international arts professionals to host issue-based workshops in underprivileged and rural communities throughout South Africa and Rwanda.


Prompt: “I regret sleeping on that couch.”

I regret sleeping on that couch.” He thought to himself as she came into view.

The rapid fire clicks of the mechanical keyboard came to an abrupt halt. The cursor pulsed, patiently waiting for the next hammering barrage.

Breath he didn’t know he was holding exploded suddenly from between clenched teeth. His glasses fogged immediately in the cold air of the tiny apartment providing a temporary respite from the present view and predicament. She moved quickly with an efficiency of movement which should be at odds with the silly song she was singing in various tones, but like everything else she did, it somehow worked.

“Hey, Ground Control to Major Tom, you with me?”

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Crochet Galore!

This is a gallery of all the baby blankets I’ve made over the last 2-3 years. My Mom taught me the basics (along with embroidery) and I watch YouTube videos to learn new things. I always make a baby blanket for family and friends who are expecting. I hope they become keepsakes because they really are a labor of love for me.

The pink ruffles were something I’d never done before and just tried on a whim. I love how they turned out. I still have one more blanket to go this “season” and I’ll add it here when I’m done.



This is a gallery of paintings I’ve made so far. I think it’s pretty obvious my favorite color is red. I painted these at a local place named Painting with a Twist. It’s a bring your own wine place, but since I don’t drink wine I always show up with a huge cup of coffee. I love losing myself for a few hours.

Letter: Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello You,

Apparently writing the first real blog post here is akin to writing the first lines or chapter of a novel. That is to say much thought about, written and rewritten several times in ones head, and all deemed not good enough yet to commit to paper. But, sometimes you just have to jump in or you’ll never get started. Which is how I’ve come to find myself laying in bed composing this on my phone (my iPad had the nerve to run out of juice) listening to Ema purr contentedly by my side.


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Prompt: Write a story about snow that isn’t snow.

Didn’t get around to writing tonight, so enjoy an older prompt of mine originally posted on a tumblr blog my sister and I share:

I looked up from the microscope and blinked slowly.

Surely not, the only thought my mind could manage.

I dragged my hand through unkempt, tangled hair. I spent time slowly and deliberately tucking wayward curls behind my ears, buying myself time to comprehend the enormity located just two feet away. Continue reading


Invincible Summer

If there is one quote out there, of the many wonderful quotes, by the many wonderful authors and everyday folks that truly resonates with me it’s this one from Albert Camus.

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

I hope that whatever life has thrown you in the past, whatever you’re facing or will be facing… If you don’t already know it – you realize there is within you an invincible summer.