Random Act of Awesome

Seeking to escape the soccer fervor that has taken over my workplace’s break room I went out for lunch today. Besides, I had my own victories to celebrate. I made it to the end of another week without un-aliving anyone and I discovered a frequent buyer card with only the slot marked “FREE” remaining.

I’m so glad I did because that’s where I witnessed a Random Act of Awesome! (Why did she capitalize that? – Don’t worry you’ll find out.)

Noshing happily on my “it tastes better because it was free” Ruben, I skimmed Digg, TechCrunch, FB, Twitter, WP, email. The respite from mayhem was over far too soon and as I raised my cup for a quick shake to determine if I needed a refill before heading back into the fray I saw them. A man and woman, mid-20s (a couple?), on either side of one the coveted comfortable tables. They were hunched across the middle locked in a pose which could only mean they were conspiring something. Whispers and furtive glances to my right side paused my actions mid-shake.

Brow arched, I leaned forward and around the large party next to me and saw a pregnant woman, near the end of term if I had to guess. She was standing with a companion, both looked a little flustered and immediately it clicked. Though there were spots to perch, there were no seats remotely comfortable enough for her. Shifting my gaze back to the young couple I see them gathering their stuff and motioning to the woman. I held my breath. I was about to witness one, a Random Act of Awesome. I grinned in anticipation. I needed this +5 faith to humanity boost as much as the poor woman needed a place to sit.

Words and thanks were exchanged.
Laughs were heard.
Smiles were seen.

The woman was easing into her chair as I was leaving so I stopped by the couples new perch and leaned over as if I were one of the conspirators too. I gestured a thumbs up and said, “good job!”

I grinned stupidly the entire way back to work while my mind was busy formulating a plan. I’m going to have some Random Act of Awesome business cards printed up to hand out when I witness things like this. Just a way to say, “Hey, good job. Thank you for being a decent human being.”

I’m thinking of putting the URL on them too because for every one I hand out I plan to blog about the event here. My cynical side tells me I’m about to blow $25 and carry around a stack of cards for nothing, but my hopeful side envisions a flurry of post material in the coming days.

More details to come.


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