Saturday Night

Another throwback post, this time from a random Saturday 7 years ago. I was so artsy in my lack of capitalization. Oh silly 29 yr old self.

deciding that i’d had enough of the stuffiness of my apartment and had sufficiently lost untold hours in front of the television in an HGTV® trance, i packed my satchel full of books, grabbed my car keys, said farewell to the cats and hit the road.

what? yes, I’m looking at you and typing with an accusatory tone…

well, you never can tell what mood you might be in once you finally reach your destination now can you? would be a shame to travel across town or even a few blocks only to end up sufficiently situated (read: coffee in hand) and find you just aren’t in the mood for the book you brought wouldn’t it? eh, maybe it’s a female thing right up there with packing 3 bags for a 2 night trip.

see? now it makes sense…

pulling into the parking space blinding some poor employee of the nearby chinese labor camp (edit: nail/tanning salon) i curse the safety feature that is day-time running lights because i’m not able to turn them off. hopping out of the car to apologize and i’m dismissed with a tired wave of her hand. she glances at her watch and it occurs to me that i’ve left my watch and cell phone at home.

i feel a small thrill… i’m un-tethered

stepping in from the cool night air i attempt to find the end of the line and deciding that it’s more than likely behind the short stocky man sporting the most greased out mullet i’ve ever seen, i assume the standard position of nose in the air and begin to study the menu boards. ah, conformity, image – you must look the part of the snooty/trendy coffee connoisseur even if you can’t tell the difference between a cappuccino and a latte. brilliance by design those menu boards.

i’m able to get my coffee and leave before catching anyone’s name. tonight, they’ll all be nameless. i’m backed up in the corner of the courtyard surrounded by a sea of tables. oddly hidden in the open as no one takes notice.

7:32 pm
a group of late teen/early 20’s girls arrive with the sort of flurry that only that age can manage. they order the current flavor of the month gaining a sophistication, in their minds, which settles about them through transference. they don’t know who they are yet. i do. they are daddy’s money and mommy’s desire for what she never was.

they resemble bright technicolor birds, flittering about hands flapping and chirping their “oh my gawd can you believe” song. eventually they settle down to roost outside – far enough from me that i am not overcome by their differing perfumes but close enough i can’t help but hear them. dressed in a super metallic silver jacket she screams into her phone, ”Jessica! Jessica! you bitcccchhhh, get up here!”
everyone cringes.
and then… comes the speaker phone

7:40 pm
it seems the grouping of the evening is parties of 3 men. there are several scattered here and there. one group has a distinct advantage… a dog barks. the lyrics, “’cause it’s easy,” start to play and another female wanders over the 3-man party with a, “… may i? aweeee… he’s so sweet.”
i lost count at 5.
i wonder how many numbers they got tonight?
think they’ll pass them around or do they automatically go to the dog’s owner?

8:20 pm
hello pretty china doll.
i see you watching me as i’m watching you.

9:00 pm
coffee is done, nose is cold.

i’m done.


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